Types of Events:

The All Americans participate in several different types of events throughout the year. Here is what we do:

Living History: A living history is a public event where reenactors/living historians wear the uniforms and gear, create displays and demonstrations, and stage mock engagements to interpret WWII history for visitors. These are often held at historical sites, Airshows, museums, schools, or at celebrations of various military-related holidays. The goal of a living history event is for the reenactors to educate the public about the Soldiers we portray.

Tactical Reenactment: Also known simply as a “tactical,” these are private events for reenactors where opposing groups employ the tactics of the troops they represent in a war game scenario. Due to the wide-ranging, fast-moving nature of a tactical they are not accessible for public viewing. The main part of a tactical often happens on a Saturday. Some tacticals offer a night operation, often on Friday night. A small number of tacticals called “immersion events” most closely replicate the life of the frontline soldier and involve occupying a foxhole throughout the event and focus on patrolling and frontline life.

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