Normandy Impression

F/325th Rifleman in Normandy in OPERATION OVERLORD

The Impression:


  • M1941 Wool shirt & trousers: The standard uniform of the U.S. Army in WWII. The version worn in Normandy by most troops was a simplified version of the M1937 uniform that used less fabric in some areas, but added gussets and flaps behind openings to prevent chemical weapons from reaching the skin.
  • M1941 Field jacket: This is essentially a civilian windbreaker that the Army adopted for field use over the service coat.
  • M1938 Leggings: These canvas gaiters kept water, rocks, and debris out of the boots.
  • Service shoes, reverse upper (“Roughouts”): Roughouts are a very basic combat boot that could be more easily treated to repel chemical weapons. They were also cheaper to produce than the previous service shoes with their shiny finish.
  • M1 Helmet

Field gear:

  • M1923 Cartridge belt: This ammunition belt could hold 10 loaded en blocs for the M1 rifle or 10 loaded stripper clips for the M1903 rifle. 
  • M1936 Combat suspenders
  • M1936 Musette bag: Both the musette bag and the M1928 Haversack are visible on 325th glidermen in Normandy. It is believed that 1 and 2/325 wore musettes while 3/325 wore the haversack. This is due to the fact that 3/325 was originally part of the 401st G.I.R. but was split up by battalion and 1/401 became 3/325.
  • M1910 Canteen, canteen cup, & carrier: Metal and black plastic caps are both seen.
  • M1910 Pick mattock: The pick mattock was issued in smaller numbers than standard shovels. The M1943 Folding shovel would be more common on glider riders.
  • M1942 Carlisle bandage pouch


  • M1 Rifle
  • M1 Bayonet
  • Fragmentation grenades