Frequently asked questions :

Q. How do I get involved with the All Americans?

A. We are always recruiting new members. If you are interested in joining or just finding out more about our group head on over to the enlistment tab and fill out our contact form. Once we receive your information our recruiting NCO will reach out to you.

Q. What is the process like for a new recruit?

A. After our recruting NCO has made contact with you we will assign you an individual unit sponsor. These are more experienced members of our organization that will assist you with putting together your uniforms and equipment. They will assist you in putting together a quality kit without making the mistakes many of us made when we started this hobby.

Q. Do I have to have my uniform and all my equipment before I can attend an event?

A. We understand that this can be an expensive hobby and can be daunting when you first start putting everything together for your impression. Because of this the unit will assist in providing loaner equipment to you at no cost as you start purchasing your own equipment.

Q. Do you charge dues?

A. After you have attended 3 events and have been approved as a full member we charge $50.00 a year for unit dues. This money goes towards unit purchases, most recently our new pyramidal tent, that are used by all of our members at events. The status of these funds are available to all unit members any time they request and unit purchases are voted on by the organization before any money is spent.

Q. What is expected of members?

A. You are absolutely free to choose your level of involvement with the All Americans. We have some members who are at every event, we have others who come out once a year. Some of our members only belong to the All Americans while others are in other Allied and Axis units. Participate when and how you feel like it. We always have a good time when we’re together and like to get everyone in the same place as much as possible, but that has to be within the context of our family and work lives as well.

Q. Is reenacting expensive?

A. Yes, unfortunately. In economic terms, we’re talking about high demand on a small supply which keeps prices high. Plus, some key materials used in things we reenact with (wool, brass, etc.) are already expensive. The good news is that these items often maintain (or increase) their value and can be traded or sold with relative ease. There is a strong secondary market for original and reproduction items and often the major vendors will offer sales as well. So, if you are patient and focused, reenacting can be affordable.

Q. Do you use real guns?

A. Yes, most of the weapons we carry are functional firearms. However, we fire blanks at each other (a blank is a brass or plastic cartridge with a primer and gunpowder but does not have a bullet or other projectile thus nothing exits the barrel of the weapon when fired) to simulate combat. Semi-automatic and automatic weapons require a “blank adapter” to function with blanks. Some pistols and submachine guns are available as BFONG’s (blank firing only guns).

Q. Is reenacting safe?

A. The most dangerous part of a reenactment is most likely the drive. That said, the most common injuries are those that are commonly sustained by any type of physical activity: sprains, strains, etc. Regular exercise and healthy eating will often preclude this type of injury. Firing blanks emits hot gasses and powders that can wound so reenactors are trained on safe firing distances to prevent injury.