New Recruits

Welcome to the All Americans! We applaud you for taking your first steps towards joining us in the field. This section is dedicated to you, the new recruit. It is here to assist you in building your first impression while preventing you from re-making some of the mistakes the seasoned vets made before you. This will save you time, money, and frustration; And make your entry into this hobby as enjoyable as possible.

As you can tell from our impressions section, the American Paratrooper, and GI in general, went through many uniform and equipment changes throughout the war. Things differed from training, to the campaign and from campaign to campaign. This guide will help you build an impression that will fit through every time period of the war. Build this one first, and then you can move onto the next.

The links below will take you to various sections to assist you with building your impression. These include a detailed breakdown of required items (with photos), a guide on how to make economical purchases, and links to vendors that have been recommended by members of the All Americans. As always, if you have a question please reach out to your mentor or ask the group. We are here to help and we can’t wait to see you out in the field!