325th Glider Infantry Regiment (GIR)

All Americans members portraying the 325th GIR in Italy

The 325th Glider Infantry Regiment(GIR) impression charts the trajectory of the “glider rider” throughout World War II. While considered airborne troops, the glider troops were a distant second to the paratroopers when it came to prestige and preference for most of the war. Unlike the paratroops, no one volunteered for glider duty; instead regiments were picked arbitrarily, and soldiers were not given a choice. For the “glider rider,” there was no bonus pay (Paratroopers received an extra $50 per month) and no specialized uniforms or equipment. Essentially glider troops were regular infantryman with all the hazards of airborne duty but none of the benefits. This sentiment is captured perfectly by the chorus of “Glider Rider,” a popular song among the 325th:

Once I was happy but now I’m Airborne,
Riding in gliders all tattered and torn.
The pilots are daring, all caution they scorn,
And the pay is exactly the same!

We strive to accurately portray the 325th GIR throughout it’s various campaigns in World War II. Building this impression will be easier for new recruits than that of the 504th PIR, and can enable you to do multiple regular infantry impressions throughout the year.

This section is here to provide the history of the 325th GIR during World War II and to provide guidelines for the impressions we utilize at events throughout the year. Our goal is to make this process less daunting for our new recruits. Remember, your mentor and the rest of our members are always available to answer your questions as it pertains to building your 325th GIR impression.