Anzio Impression

H/504th Rifleman in Anzio during OPERATION AVALANCE (JAN – MAR 1944)

The Impression:


  • Winter Combat Jacket (“Tanker Jacket”): The 504th was issued the winter combat/”tanker” uniform (jacket and overalls) on Christmas day 1943. Many retained the uniform for the subsequent beach landings at Anzio. Photographic evidence shows in winter combat jacket and overalls, winter combat jacket and M1942 jumpsuit trousers, and M1942 jumpsuit jacket and pants, so the pictures above are one of three variations commonly seen. Some enterprising troopers added the large bellows pockets of the M1942 trousers to the winter combat overalls.
  • M1942 Jumpsuit trousers (unreinforced)
  • M2 Helmet (“D-Bale”): Some paratroopers added camouflage to their helmets with the aid of vesicant detecting paint that would change color in the presence of chemical weapons. Other troopers would add unit symbols to their helmets; there is evidence that the 504th utilized an “Ankh” symbol in Sicily, but these are rare. NCO’s would often add a horizontal stripe to the back of the helmet while officers would add a vertical stripe. Khaki helmet nets with 1″ holes are common in Sicily as well.
  • Jumpboots (Corcorans): In russet brown. The pride of the paratrooper.
  • Silk scarf (optional)

Field gear:

  • M1936 Pistol belt
  • M1936 Combat suspenders
  • M1936 Musette bag
  • M1910 Entrenching tool (“T-handle shovel”) & carrier
  • M1910 Canteen, canteen cup, & carrier
  • Rigger-made ammunition pouch (“Rigger pouches”)
  • M1910 Carlisle bandage pouch: The M1924 and M1942 pouches would also be acceptable


  • M1 Rifle (“Garand”)
  • M1918 Trench knife (“Knuckle knife”): These holdovers from the Great War were issued to paratroopers in the MTO.
  • Fragmentation grenades