The All Americans welcome any and all potential recruits who are interested into stepping the boots of a WWII American paratrooper or glider rider. Our two main requirements are that you are over 18 (or over 16 if a parent participates with you) and you are not a convicted felon. We will be more than happy to loan you gear for events and guide you in building your own impression. Many of our members started out with no previous reenacting experience, uniforms, equipment, or weapons of their own. So, if you fit the two requirements, you can enlist today.


Upon making contact with the All Americans via our enlistment page you will be contacted by our recruiting NCO and be assigned you a sponsor that will assist in guiding you through the rest of the recruitment process. Your sponsor will mentor you as you build your impression and prepare you for your first event. Once you have attended 3 full events, have aquired a basic impression, and have paid unit dues in full you will be granted full membership inside the organization.

Affiliate Membership

The All Americans recognize and understand that sometimes in reenacting just one impression is not enough. For that reason we offer affiliate memberships to members of other reenacting organizations who want to participate with the All Americans at reenacting events. These members are privy to All Americans member business and discussions, eligible for promotion to Pfc., but are not eligible for any further promotions. Affiliate memberships are offered at the discretion of the CO.


The All Americans does not actively recruit minors. Minors who have a connection to an established All Americans member, either through family or other reenacting experience, may be eligible for a provisional membership at the discretion of the CO. Minors will be limited in ability to carry firearms based on unit and event policies. Provisional membership does not include voting rights within the All Americans and are not eligible for promotion to Pfc. until they turn 18.


Members are eligible for promotion to Private First Class (Pfc.) after attending 3 events and procuring a complete impression (uniform, field gear, and weapons). Any promotions past Pfc. are based on the unit’s leadership needs and at the sole discretion of the CO.


The All Americans does not award any military medals, ribbons, or decorations for performance or activity as we believe those are part of one’s impression by virtue of representing the men who would have worn them (the All Americans does not condone the wearing of any medals, ribbons, or decorations for valor).