All Americans Library

We strive to conduct thorough research on the organizations and individual soldiers we portray. Each one of our reenacting impressions is researched down to the exact detail. We do this through hours of scouring photos, reading original source documentation, studying period field manuals, and watching original films from World War Two.

Thanks to countless hours of research by our members we have been able to compile a large amount of period photos, field manuals, TO&Es, and training films onto our website for your references. We hope this will not only be a great starting point for our members and recruits, but also for the living history community at large.

We are continually working to update this section. As our members find something new or interesting it will be added to one of the sections below. If there is something on here you would like to see, or if you have something you may think is of interest to us, please contact us!