This document is meant as a guide for reenactors wanting to portray a paratrooper company aid man/medic in the 82nd Airborne Division during WWII. These notes are mainly taken from the book The Way We Were: Doc McIlvoy and his Parachuting Medics by Michel De Trez (D-Day Publishing, 2004) with supplemental information as necessary. The subject of the book, Doc McIlvoy, served as regimental surgeon for the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment so the information is fairly specific to that regiment. However, McIlvoy was very influential in creating and refining combat medical treatment (see page 38) so with a bit of extrapolation one can make assumptions about the practices and equipment of other regiments in the 82nd. This guide will do just that for the 504th P.I.R., along whom the 505th served in Sicily, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and Germany. (more…)

Many thanks to Aaron Clark for this great visual guide to packing the haversack. Open the gallery to see larger pictures and a description of what is happening in each step.