Tons of 504th Pictures & Site Reorganization

In an effort to streamline the huge amount of information that will be coming to this site, a bit of reorganization is necessary. Now instead of information on the 325th G.I.R., the 504th P.I.R., and the R.UR. scattered around the site, you will now find separate 325, 504th, and R.U.R. sections with unit histories, original photographs, and impression pictures under each regiment’s heading under the “Knowledge Base” in the top menu.

And speaking of original photographs, what used to be probably the largest collection of 504th in north Africa & Sicily pictures is now probably the largest collection of 504th pictures period. No promises, but we’re pretty sure. Look for the collection to be reorganized and curated in the upcoming week as well as the addition of pictures of the 325th and R.U.R. in the not-so-distant future. In the meantime, Strike Hold!

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