325th History Page, Knowledge Base, & Media Page Added

Lots of new additions are going to be appearing over the next week as we continue to add and improve the internet CP of the F.A.A.A.! Thanks to Cpl. Barrett for writing up a fantastic history of F/325 that can be found here. The Knowledge Base section is live with histories and how-to’s for reenacting. Additionally, the Impressions section has been moved to that heading and the 504th Pathfinder in Normandy page has been added.. Also, check out the media page for videos about F.A.A.A. appearances and an interview with Fred Pollette, a veteran of WWII who fought with the 115th IR of the 29th ID. Also, a few more questions and answers were added to the F.A.Q. page.

We will be continuing to add to and improve the impressions section as F.A.A.A. member Matt James continues his excellent work researching the 504th. We’ll also be adding a “Heroes” page to honor family and friends of F.A.A.A. members who have inspired us to start and/or continue being involved in living history.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions, or feedback!

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